Rental of dedicated server

Companies around the world use these services for a long time. In addition to hosting services, businesses need additional equipment that can increase the speed of the business process and help to reduce the fixed costs. If we consider the server rental market in our country, it is at the stage of development.

In the process of implementing large projects we cannot get along without the acquisition of physical servers. But if you take the needs of small business organizations, then there will be enough a simple lease of a physical or virtual server.

A big advantage of a dedicated physical server is that it helps to significantly reduce the cost of special equipment and software. At the same time ensuring the security of all information, the leakage of which can cause significant risks and losses is guaranteed.

To rent a virtual dedicated server

The main task of a dedicated server is to ensure the smooth operation of all applications and software. As an example, we consider the main tasks of a virtual server:

  • Physically, virtual servers are located in the data center, but with a great need, they can also be physically managed;
  • The ability to install any software, since you are responsible for the programs you use;
  • Full root access;
  • Configuration of all system program settings.
  • The right to install any system libraries.
  • Deleting, editing and copying any files.
  • Virtual dedicated server has its own IP-address, ports and filters.
  • Availability of personal web, email and ftp access.

Previously, companies had to pay an impressive amount for the provision of such services. In addition, each service had to be ordered separately. Now everything is provided in a whole package for a fairly fair price.

A distinctive feature of a virtual server in comparison with a regular hosting is that it already provides full protection against various kinds of attacks from other resources, since the processor and all subsystems are virtual. Also, limited use of memory, processor time and disk space makes it possible to avoid overspending.

Rental of a dedicated server in Germany

If we consider the issue of renting a dedicated server in Germany, then, of course, it is simply impossible to ignore a company like Hetzner. It is one of the participants included in the international program for the reduction of CO2 emissions and environmental conservation. Hetzner was recognized as the main provider in Germany in 2008. The website, which the company has created for the convenient use of services by clients, provides rental of numerous virtual servers using OpenVZ technology, domain registration and rental of dedicated servers.

The main advantages of renting dedicated servers at Hetzner:

  • Extremely fast servers;
  • Reasonable price for server rental;
  • Technical support at a very high level;
  • Smooth and stable work;
  • The server is at your disposal completely.

One of the main partners of the German provider of the highest aerobatics Hetzner is the company FastVPS. Hetzner is also the largest German provider. Today, it serves more than 200 thousand domains and 35 thousand dedicated servers, which are located in the network of data centers in Nuremberg.

All these centers are connected to a huge number of exchange points and traffic nodes. A large exchange point DE-IX is included here. It allows everyone to gain access to servers at super high speed. It is also worth noting that large Russian providers have a direct connection to this exchange point.

Virtual dedicated server here is a special and completely new technology that allows you to run a large number of other servers within one server. This is the specificity of VPS or VDS hosting technology. Therefore, the rental of virtual servers is an excellent alternative to Internet hosting in case there is a need for special settings or you need to host an Internet resource, which for one reason or another cannot be hosted on traditional hosting. Servers from FastVPS are, first of all, on the highest speed and maximum reliability. FastVPS hosting also provides an SLA rental guarantee for most of the available servers.

Technical support of this company is always close to customers. They are ready to assist in solving the most tricky questions. But we must not forget that the consultation here is not free. Due to the fact that FastVPS does not contain many support operators, customers have the opportunity to receive information only for an additional fee. You can order the services of the pros for each server. Time for response is no more than 3 hours.

Tariffs do not scare you of super high prices, because the administration provides a large number of resources. The website has the ability to dynamically provide resources, so they are always enough for everyone.

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