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If you are not new person who is using the Internet, the concept of “hosting” does not surprise you. Thanks hosting, on the Internet live all sites, without exception, even completely dissimilar resources. Each of them has its own address (domain name) and we easily visit them one by one, several times a day. We easily share the addresses of sites, links to various materials, including pictures and do not even think that they are also located on any hosting.

What is image hosting?

With an increasing of the amount of information in the network, programmers solved the problem of how to make working with graphic images quick and easy in such a situation.

Image hosting is a service for storing graphic information on a hotel resource (server). That is, it is a kind of file hosting service that works only with images.

It is considered that image hosting appeared as a separate service in connection with the emergence of forums. Since forums are sites with a large number of visitors, respectively, they consume a large amount of traffic allocated to them by the hosting provider. The forums themselves are very energy-intensive, and the addition of pictures and images by any registered visitor to such a resource loads the server very hard. Therefore, it was the right decision to transfer all the pictures to a separate server.

Today, there are many providers that provide the service of storing pictures on a separate server. It allows you to make your site much less load on the server of your hoster. In addition, each image is assigned a unique URL, that is, any user of the network can access it.

Is free cheese only in a mousetrap?

Image hosting is free hosting. Provider receives earnings from this service in another way.

1. If you store images on a server for which you have already paid, for example, on the same one on which your website is located. We can say that providing a server for images for you is conditionally free. Just downloading images will eat the traffic allocated to you by the provider. Although if you bought unlimited hosting, this problem would disappear.

2. If you don’t have your own site yet, but you decided to place your images on the Internet to share with them, then by placing pictures on the hosting you will certainly visit the site hosting the images and add one to the visitors counter. On this site you will see a large or not very large amount of advertising. There are many people who want to buy advertising space, because image hosting sites are highly visited. And the prices for advertising space can reach up to 60,000 rubles. per day.

3. When you sign up for an account, you are given only 5GB of free space for your images, photos and pictures. If you want more, you will have to pay for it. Of course, you can register several more accounts, but after a while you may begin to chaos, because several accounts are difficult to manage. Although, I think this is not about users from Russia, Ukraine, and, in general, the countries of the former Soviet Union.

What parameters are important for image hosting?

1. The most important parameter for novice webmasters when choosing a hosting for pictures is its cost. In the best case, it should be zero. Why – I have already explained above. In principle, the fact that the service is provided for free should not scare you, since the provider still knows how to earn income. If you do not pay, then the advertiser will do it.

2. Another important point is the storage time. The shelf life of such a service should be unlimited. That is, you must be sure that your images will not be deleted after a certain period, and you can always have access to them. Otherwise, what’s the point? With the same success you can store images on your personal computer.

3. Hosting restrictions are an unpleasant addition to image hosting. Since the images may be different in form, format, quality and quantity, some resources impose strict restrictions on the publication of certain files. On the one hand, such restrictions are aimed at unloading the server and making your work with it and images easier. On the other hand, if these restrictions prevent you from placing some files on the hosting, this is very inconvenient. It is also possible that such a provider script spoils the quality of images or photos during uploading in order to reduce the weight of the image and thus save its own resources.

4. New file hosting technologies will help you work with it faster. It is good if it provides a multiboot service, that is, downloading a large number of files at once.

5. Interactive service is also important. This means that image hosting should provide an opportunity to rate a photo or vote for it.

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