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This article focuses on uploading your site via FTP and the file manager of the hosting control panel DirectAdmin to a reliable hosting. You can use any of the methods described.

Directory structure

At the root of your account are the following directories:

/ backups

/ domains

/ mail

/ public_htm

/ backups

The / backup directory contains all backup copies of your account created through the hosting control panel. This directory will appear only after you create at least one backup copy of your account.

/ domains

The / domains directory contains files related to your hosting account. Each domain hosted on the account has its own directory (for example, /domains/ Inside the directory are:

/ logs (log files for the month)

/ private_html (all files are accessed via SSL – //)

/ public_html (files of your web site)

/ public_ftp (files of your FTP site)

/ stats (files created by Webalizer for statistical purposes – do not rename or delete this directory)

/ mail

The directory contains files created by the mail server system. Do not modify, delete or add anything to this directory.

/ public_html

The directory / public_html in the root of your account is actually a symbolic link to the directory /domains/ If there are more than one sites on your account, the symbolic link will point to the public_html of the main (first) domain of your account.

Index File (index.html)

The main default file of any directory is index.html. This means that when a user dials //, the server sends him to // This applies to all directories on your site, including subdomains.

After uploading your website to the hosting, do not forget that you must have an index file (to access // Some users may use php files, shtml files, etc. In this case, make sure that your index file has the name index. extension (index.php, index.shtml for example).

Download site via FTP

Step 1: Software to work with FTP.

Uploading to the server via FTP requires special software. You can use standard Windows explorer as an ftp-client, or use specialized software, such as CuteFTP, FAR Manager and other ftp-clients.

Step 2: Connect to server.

All ftp clients require the following information:

Username – Use your username to login to your hosting control panel.

Password – Use a password to enter the hosting control panel.

Host – This is the address of your server. Use

Port – Use the default port (21).

Leave all other settings as default.

Step 3: Open the public_html directory and upload your files.

If there is more than one domain on your account, you must first go to the / domains directory, then to the directory named after your domain and then to the public_html folder

To download, select the files / directories on your computer and move them to the public_html directory on the server. Each ftp-client has its own characteristics, read the documentation before using it.

DirectAdmin hosting control panel file manager download

1. Log in to the hosting control panel (on page Click the File Manager link.

2. Go to the directory where you want to upload your files.

3. Click on the Upload Files button at the bottom of the page.

4. You will see 8 fields. Click the Browse button to select files to download. Click the Download more files button if you want to upload more than 8 files at a time.

5. Click the Download button.

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