How to choose a VPS hosting site

The choice of hosting remains an important component of the entire structure of the web project. The success and reputation of your web site depends on virtual hosting. Therefore, speaking about the prospect of choosing the best hosting option, it is worth exploring this issue as thoroughly and comprehensively as possible.

For absolute beginners in the field of hosting with small one-page sites, reasonably priced virtual hosting may be suitable. There it is not necessary to have deep technical knowledge, since technical support will solve all the problems that occur.

However, as soon as the popularity of the site begins to grow and its attendance increase, you should think about a more powerful hosting solution – a virtual dedicated server. We have already written about the meaning and benefits of VPS in the previous post, so now it is time to figure out what criteria should be taken to choose VPS hosting for different types of projects.


When choosing a VPS hosting one of the key points is hosting administration. The transition from virtual hosting to VPS may not be the most joyful event if the site owner does not have certain skills in managing a virtual server.

If you belong to the number of users who want to order a VPS, but are not strong in its settings and management, the so-called managed VPS option is the right one for you. The Managed Server service implies that the administration of your VPS hosting is the responsibility of the hosting company’s staff. Of course, for this you need to look for a hosting company that provides VPS hosting with an already enabled administration service. The rating of providers offering a managed server can be set in the Pickuphost filters when choosing the right VPS hosting option.

If you decide to administer your VPS yourself, we recommend that you immediately check with your provider about providing the control panel to the hosting. Popular control panels have a huge number of manuals, where you will find almost any answer to your question. Moreover, such panels as ISPmanager, for example, make it a lot easier to work with administering VPS hosting


The search for any type of hosting should begin with the definition of its technical characteristics, such as:

  • processor power;
  • RAM;
  • amount of disk space.

The first is the power of the processor (CPU). The higher the processor power, the faster the processing speed, respectively, the loading of the site pages is faster. Ideally, this should be a processor with a power of 1GHz, which will ensure stable operation.

The amount of RAM affects the speed of the database, and for large projects on a VPS this is especially important. Therefore, rely on a figure of 256 MB. The more memory, the faster the web site will work.

With the amount of free disk space, everything is much simpler. The cost of modern hard drives is not very high, so the hosting companies do not skimp on the purchase of the latter. At the same time, finding a VPS tariff plan with starting 10 GB of free space is a snap.

Provider’s reputation

In addition to the technical aspects when choosing a quality VPS hosting, you should also pay attention to the rating of the hosting company. As mentioned above, the price is not all that you need to look at when choosing a hosting. Carefully read the following aspects of the question regarding the hosting company itself:

  • review the reviews of other users about the services provided by this company;
  • make a test check of the reaction of the technical service provider;
  • ask about the VPS hosting trial period;
  • learn about the availability of promotional offers.

Criteria for the selection of high-quality VPS hosting is not so much, despite this, treat each of them very carefully. Moreover, VPS does not tolerate low prices. A high-quality virtual server should be provided on the latest equipment and with a set of parameters that meet your requirements. Properly selected VPS hosting is a guarantee of the stability and quality of your web resource.

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